Terms and Conditions


For the purpose of client satisfaction, we ask that you take this time to read and understand our policy. It is important to understand and acknowledge our terms and conditions prior to booking an appointment. All appointments are booked online ONLY. ILLUSIONZ MOBILE AUTO SPA schedules clients in specific time slots during the week and requires a  a deposit in the amount of $50 for all full detail appointments including interior details. The deposit is credited towards the ending balance and is not refundable unless specific circumstances apply.   Non completion of the $50 deposit will result in NO appointment. It is important to keep appointment as we reserve a generous amount of time for our technicians to work on your vehicle unless weather is not to permit we will reschedule the appointment.  With this extra touch comes some responsibility on the customer. Cancellations are very costly to our business. Of course we anticipate things like rain days, snow, freezing temperatures and other forces of nature and understand that hey, "emergencies happen". But we ask that you try as hard to keep all appointments with us as we do for you.  If you are unable to honor an appointment, due to illness or prior engagement we ask that all rescheduled appointments be done 48 hours prior to appointment.  Short notice to reschedule results in full forfeiture of deposit.  The failure of the client to give ILLUSIONZ MOBILE AUTO SPA 48 hr notice, or give us a courtesy call to change appointment is detrimental to the business of ILLUSIONZ MOBILE AUTO SPA and the $50 deposit will be subject to forfeiture.  Cancellations made in a timely manner, $50 deposit will be refunded but it is the client's responsibility to call our office to request refund.  Deposits not claimed within a 30 day time frame will become non refundable. It is the client's responsibility to reschedule an appointment or give us a courtesy call if weather is not to permit. Weather can have an impact on a scheduled appointment.  Appointments will be rescheduled when rain, snow, high winds are in the forecast including summer temperatures that exceed 90 degrees. We will inform you to reschedule appointment.  Clients that choose not to reschedule risk forfeiture of deposit and will be charged full amount if a requests is made to still send technician out in poor weather conditions.  This is why we require to reschedule. Upon our arrival. Client has a time frame of 30 minutes if vehicle is inaccessible and or client is not present. $50 deposit will be forfeited and appointment rescheduled. In the absence of the client. Illusionz mobile auto spa is not responsible for moving or relocating any vehicle for liability purposes.In the even a a technician arrives and clients no longer wants service or request to reschedule, $50 deposit is forfeited.   In the event that the vehicle is not at a home location. Permission from property owner should be granted prior to scheduling an appointment if service is being performed in a private parking lot or garage.  We will need the contact information of the property owner. Mobile services can NOT be performed on roads or dead end streets due to state regulations and restrictions. Appointment will be cancelled and refunded. Please note that it is important to have vehicle fully cleared of any items prior to your appointment.  Failure to do so will result in additional time and additional fees or possibly rescheduling. Illusionz mobile auto spa is NOT responsible for misplaced items. Technician will do a full inspection walk around with client before and at completion of vehicle. Any issues must be addressed at time of appointment as technician can not return. Vehicles that are heavily soiled will result in additional fees. Current prices are based on vehicles in average condition.  ILLUSIONZ MOBILE AUTO SPA has the right to deny service if vehicle is overly soiled or beyond our capability so it is important to notify your technician prior to your appointment if vehicle is heavily soiled or has one of the following: Human waste, vomit, blood, mold, water damage, pet hair, heavy stains, deep scratches, tree sap and other things of that subject. Full detail services can not be downgraded to a lesser service due to time reserved but services can be upgraded if detail technician has additional time available. Quotes can not be given over the phone or by email as we do not know the needs of your vehicle. Please refer to services for pricing.  Appointments should be scheduled on a day you are not expecting landscapers or contractors as appointment will be subject to forfeiture. We also ask that you re-arrange your vehicle(s) prior to appointment as once we unload the mobile unit, we will not put everything back in if you have to get out. If so vehicle will result in incompletion. All balances must be paid at completion of vehicle. We accept credit or cash only. NO CHECKS!   Please note that some web browsers may not be compatible with our website.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, please call us for further assistance.