GLO  CC wash

GLO CC wash, short for (Carnauba/Ceramic) is one of our highly anticipated maintenance wash specifically designed for coated vehicles or vehicles that crave a bit more protection from the elements.  The soap contains carnauba and Sio2 molecules to rejuvenate, enhance and boost your current ceramic coating.  Vehicles that are not ceramic coated can still enjoy the benefits of Sio2 protection as a stand alone. Protection is cured by sunlight or blacklight. Package available in evening as well with stunning visual workmanship. Available March 2020

  • Full wash CC foam soak

  • Wheels cleaned and protected

  • Sio2 spray sealant

  • Quick interior vacuum

  • Quick interior wipe

  • Windows cleaned

Duration :  1- 1.5 hours     Durability : 2-3 months

Package only available within a 5 mile radius of Montclair NJ.  Additional travel fees will apply for vehicles outside of radius.


Coupe' 2 seat: $45

Coupe' 4 seat: $50

Compact sedan: $55

Sedan: $60

Suv: $65

Mini van / XL Suv / Pick up: $85