GLO wash is an unorthodox package and the first of it's kind featuring Graffiti tri-foam which is a 3 stage foam soak with vibrant colors that helps to lift and loosen dirt and glows under a black light for a spectacular show.  This is a very visual package designed more so for evening appointments to showcase a never before seen wash like no other.  Watch as your detailer creates visual designs with the tri-foam all while being very safe for your clearcoat.  This is not only a visual package but also a wash that leaves some serious protection. Your family and friends WILL remember the GLO and watch as we foam up the city one car at a time!  Not recommended for soft top convertibles or driveways with light colored bricks or stone pavements.


  • Perl citrus wash

  • Si02 & wax spray protection

  • Wheels cleaned and protected

  • Exterior only

  • Available every night after 6pm

Duration :  1- 1.5 hours     Durability : 2-3 months

Package only available within a 5 mile radius of Montclair NJ.  Additional travel fees will apply for vehicles outside of radius. Can not be performed on streets.  Can not be performed on private property where you do not have written consent. Appointment should be rescheduled if you have come into contact with someone that has contracted the Corona virus or if you are experiencing symptoms.  All clients must wear a mask or face covering when technician is present.  No mask/No service 



Coupe' 2 seat: $45

Coupe' 4 seat: $50

Compact sedan: $55

Sedan: $60

Suv: $65

Mini van / XL Suv / Pick up: $85