S   T   A   M   I   N   A   pro ceramic coating  

Introducing the stamina exterior package.  This is a full ceramic coating offering 9h+ hardness that is graded to last up to 2 years when properly maintained. Its amazing balance between hardness and flexibility makes Stamina Pro Ceramic Coating especially resistant to abrasion and corrosion!

  • Full wash and foam soak

  • Full wheel decontamination

  • Decontamination wash to remove iron embedded in paint

  • Medium to heavy clay bar treatment

  • 1 step paint correction or Multi stage paint correction- (Additional fee)

  • Car pro Eraser to remove polishing oils

  • 1 applications of Stamina ceramic pro coating

  • Trim coated and protected

Duration :  12+ hrs - 2 days     Durability : 2 years if well maintained

1 year warranty



Coupe' 2-4  seat :  $599 - $699+     Sedan: $799 - $899       Suv: $899 - $999      XL:  $999 - $1200

The above prices are  base price estimates for vehicles with paint in good condition with very little to no defects or swirls.  Additional fees can be influenced by heavy swirls, oxidation, scratches and other such defects that will require additional time. Additional fees will apply to vehicles with contaminants such as bug, tar, tree sap, iron embedded particle and water spots.  All vehicle paint types vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Paint thickness is measured and assessed to determine how the paint will react to the product of choice by your technician.  Additional services such as paint chip repair or scratch repair will be determined at time of assessment.  Additional fees will apply to dark colored vehicles such as dark blue, and black.  Dark colored vehicles are more difficult due to more visibility of imperfections and heavier swirls.  Automatic car washes and hand car washes will void warranty.  Touchless car washes recommended or we recommend our maintenance Stamina Wash!.   The prep and coating process can not be done outdoors.  Consumers with garages are ideal.