V  I  E  W C   O   A   T

%50 OFF EXP : Dec 1, 2019

View Coat is a glass ceramic coating formulated to help all glass repel water from speeds of 30mph or more. View Coat increases driver visibility by reducing the ability for dust, grime, hard water, and other stains to accumulate on glass. During hard storms View Coat, helps to keep the glass clear and enable safer driving. View Coat is engineered under advanced nanotechnology, combining various chemicals such as silica, hydrocarbon,  titanium, zirconium and fluorine to achieve its results.  View coat comes in a 6 month durability and a 2 year durability.

  • Decontaminate, clay and polish glass until it is in best condition and free of any defects or water deposits.

  • Glass cleaned with Oil Zero to ensure all polish oils are removed prior to application.

  • 1 Applications of View Coat

  • Durability Front Windshield options 6 month or 2 years

Price 6 Months : $125 

Price 2 Years    : $175 

Additional fees will apply for heavily soiled windshields with bug splatter, tree sap, bird droppings and mineral deposits (water spots) service offered with the purchase of a full or exterior detail only.