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Why so many detailers are unsuccessful in mold removal.

I see it all too often. Client calls a detailer about there being a mildew odor in the car and possibly mold. Client informs the detailer that either they left the windows open when it rained or the car had a little flooding. So the detailer takes the job and gives a price between $300 and $500 and tells the client "We will do xyz and the mold and odor will be gone". Detailer completes the job in 2 hours and client comes out excited and says the car smells so good and they don't smell the mildew. They tell all of their friends and family and then 2-3 days later, the detailer gets that call from the client that the mildew odor has returned and it's even worse. The detailer is now left with a bad review and the question of what did they really do. This post is more so for the detailer that is new or does not have much experience handling this situation but to avoid a situation like this. It's all about communication with your client and also knowing if this is a job you can truly take care of. Every mold situation is different and the level of severity varies. Many detailers think that by removing the surface mold and steaming followed by an Ozonator will fix everything but it does NOT. The reason why most of the time the mildew odor returns is because there is still sitting water and moisture in a place that many detailers can not access or do not have the skills to access. 9 times out of 10, sitting water is below the insulation under the fixed carpeting. Also the insulation usually soaks up most of the water and you then have a moldy insulation that pushes the mold up through the carpeting and it starts to grow from the slightest bit of condensation. In my case i communicate this to the client that there may be sitting water or moisture in the insulation which is a little more complicated as that may require removing the center console, some trim and the fixed carpeting. In that case i can provide a referral for the client to someone that does specialize in mold removal or knows the steps to take to completely eliminate the issue. It is only then that a full interior detail can be performed when the main issue is eliminated. So guys... Communication, Communication is what makes a detailer great.

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