When clients ignore the warning signs of a harsh winter

As if this year has not been chaotic enough, here comes our first blizzard of the year and we have not even officially started winter. A few months ago i sent a news letter out to all the clients. In that newsletter i brought up the subject of a lot of squirrels popping up as road kill everywhere which was a sign of a harsh winter to come. I noticed many dead squirrel road kill on the highway and residential roads and i had to research why this was happening. Last year in 2019 there was an abundance of acorns and in increase in mating. This year there was a large increase in the squirrel population but sadly a huge decrease in acorns. Animals are very smart and can tell if winter is going to be harsh or not and they were able to know this winter would be the worst in years. So there was more risk being taken to collect acorns and unfortunately that risk involved death. I informed clients of this harsh winter to come and the new formula of road salt that has more harmful effects on your vehicle's paint and trim. I recommended protecting your vehicle with our Mr. Freeze package to withstand the new road salt formula but many clients did not take our advice and now look. We are being hit with a massive snow storm and the roads have been heavily salted. Clients come running when it's too late and expect me to detail a car in freezing temperatures. The warning sign was right there in front of you guys. Well i guess that leaves the old saying "should've, would've, could've.

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