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Using Armor-all on your interior

When you think of a car wash, you think of a clean car and that new car feeling. Many car washes offer additional services such as a mini detail or a full detail, but the question is ....... Where is the quality control? I had the pleasure of performing a mobile service for a new client and one of the main things she asked me was " You don't use Armor-all on the interior, do you? I informed her that I do not use Armor-all on the interior and in fact, it is not meant for the interior. I did an initial walk around of the client's vehicle interior and immediately i was shocked at what i saw. There was Armor-all everywhere including the dashboard, plastics, and trim. In the years of my business. I have never been a fan of Armor-all or any type of shiny dressings because i feel that it provides for a tacky look or simply put.... It looks cheap.

My problem with car washes is that they have lost their quality control and i believe that their workers are just not trained to really understand the product that is being used. I had great success in removing the dressing from the client's trim and plastics on the interior but unfortunately the dashboard's fate had a different result. The dressing had been on the client's dashboard for a very long time and because the dashboard is exposed to the sun. It can become one of the hottest areas in the car, so with that being said. The dressing was baked into the dashboard's material resulting in staining. I informed the client that the product I used (3D LVP) had made a slight improvement but unfortunately I could still see the staining which caused an uneven patchy appearance.

As much as i wanted to chase this stain, I was not willing to reach for a stronger product on the dashboard. Dashboards need to be treated with care and with a gentle cleaning. Your vehicle's interior can be protected without the shiny look and should be protected with products truly dedicated to the materials of your vehicle's interior. A well protected interior should be left with an appearance that presents with a matte finish which in return produces that luxurious feel and look. Next time you go to the car wash ask yourself, do you want a careless job or do you want a job that is very detailed by yours truly ILLUSIONZ MOBILE AUTO SPA.

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