Road salt and automatic car washes

I was sitting in the mobile detailing unit this week while getting lunch and i saw something that made me cringe. I was watching as cars came out of the automatic car wash and were being dried with crappy towels. That was not my only issue but also i witnessed as they took that same towel to wipe the rims, door jams, interior windows and seats. It was like seeing a horror movie. Now imagine having road salt on all of the cars that come through the auto wash. What's happening here is that road salt is just being taken off one car and put on another and can become very abrasive to the paint. Why is road salt so bad for cars? Well while road salt is imminent to safe winter driving, it is also extremely corrosive and over time it can cause extensive damage to vehicles. ... As a mobile detailer this is why i excercise how important protecting your investment is and why mobile detailing is superior because every appointment is a personal one. Each car gets it's own microfiber wash mitt and fresh buckets of water and car wash soap that is not used on other cars. All of our microfiber towels are washed and kept soft to prevent scratching. Our towels are seperated where there is towels for the windows, seperate towels for the wheels and seperate towels for the vehicle's paint. Let's start stating some accountability and stop blaming the car washes because you get what you pay for. In life you have a choice in quality. There is ok, good, better and best. We fall under the category of better and best for the quality of the service and best in customer service.

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