Corona virus! Who is to blame?

In life we try to look at a bigger perspective and not just conclude to one side when a situation spirals out of control. 2020 has been a very tragic year for the world and many Americans due to the Corona virus. In all of my 33 years of living i have never experienced anything of this caliber and reality hits you when you are driving to work and you see about 6 funerals on the road in a day. A lot of things have been swept under the rug and one of those subjects is whose to blame. Many may say the president is to blame and so forth. I am not a fan of Trump and neither am i a Trump supporter and i can say he is the source to blame but it is not all his fault. We also have to take responsibility in this as well and realize that many Americans did not take the pandemic serious and took it for granted. Many Americans followed Trump so they feel the need not to wear a mask. Many Americans partying and not using their head. Many establishments violating rules and allowing people to be in large crowds under one roof. I call it being selfish and stubborn to not take something like this serious. The thing here that Trump is blamed for is that he took action too late but also many of the American people acted too late waiting to the last minute to open their eyes and see how serious this was. For example..... I was watching the news and there was a man in his 60's that was just released out of the hospital after fighting Covid. His wife was also battling the covid virus but unfortunately she did not recover and she passed away. The husband stated that he did not take the virus serious and he wish he would have because his wife would probably be here today. So it seems that we did not take the virus serious until people started dropping like flies. Lastly i would like to blame the news for putting out misinformation stating that more people die from the flu and that Covid gives mild symptoms. I believe that any virus outbreak should be addressed as a serious one even if you only catch a cold. It should not have been compared to the flu because people that have recovered from fighting covid have eve stated that their lungs are not the same.

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