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Ceramic coating your vehicle's interior

Car interiors today are becoming more and more delicate and more susceptible to deterioration if not protected or well maintained. There are many factors that can cause damage to your vehicle's leather and other delicate surfaces such as uv rays, fading, jeans transfer, stains, spills. Believe it or not but Air Conditioning not only dries out air, it also dehydrates the leather interior. Yes there are many products that protect your vehicle's interior but the problem is having to re-apply the product every other month and these products just don't stand against the damage mentioned earlier in the article. So what is the solution? Ceramic coating your vehicle's interior surfaces is the solution. With a durability of 1 year to 2 years, you can expect this coating to resist dye transfer from clothing, hydrophobic and oil phobic, strain restistance, chemical resistant, uv resistant and most of all makes cleaning your interior so much easier. The coating does not change the look or feel of your leather but instead increases that rich color and leaves a matte finish. Check out our video down below for more information.

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