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10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Car Detailing Service.

1. Learn How They Clean Glass

Keeping your windows clean offers better visibility, especially during bad weather. It also increases the lifespan of your windshield. Most professional detailing centers use a glass cleaner (of their choice) and a microfiber cloth to make the glasses squeaky clean. Some detailers use steam cleaning to get that extra clean look and eradicate old smudges. This is one of the most effective, efficient ways to clean glass windows in all kinds of cars.

2. Inquire About Their Shampooing

Carpets in your car can get swamped with stains that regular brushing can’t remove. To tackle the problem, car detailers often use a special shampoo to wash the carpets. After a thorough wash, the carpets get air-dried.

The car detailing company will then ensure the carpets are dirt-free before placing them back inside your car. They will also clean the car’s upholstery, dashboard, and other plastic components.

If stains are particularly stubborn or dark, the detailers may use steam cleaning to remove the stain. Not only does steaming help with the color of stains, but it can also help remove nasty odors and/or lingering dirt and bacteria.

3. Find Out How They Clean Leather

This is an important step in car interior detailing. Leather upholstery requires regular cleaning to preserve its appearance. Planned maintenance ensures that your car’s leather never gets dry or stuffed or develops cracks.

Detailers often use a leather cleaner and soap to remove any stains without damaging the comfort and appearance of the leather. Then they will give it a good condition to make the leather upholstery look as good as new.

4. Inquire About Vacuuming

The entire car gets cleaned using a vacuum ceaning including the AC vents. This removes dust particles from the tightest spots in your car.

5. Understand Their Deodorization Practices

Once the interior detailing is finished, your car gets a second round of vacuuming. After that, it gets perfumed using a scent or deodorant with an elegant fragrance. Some companies also use ozone machines or “odor bombs” to clear out foul smells that are stuck in the vehicle’s vents.

6. Find Out How Thorough Their Exterior Washes Are

A great exterior detailing should begin with a thorough wash. Detailers will use soap and water to clean the exterior of your car.

First, your car will be power sprayed. Then, the detailers should finish the clean-up by hand to ensure precision and impressive results. A thorough process cleans every exterior panel that your car has, from top to bottom.

7. Ask About Claying (Clay Bar Treatments)

Washing alone isn’t enough to remove all the stains and contaminants on the exterior of your car. That’s where claying, also called clay bar treatment, comes in. Your detailing service provider will use a synthetic bar of poly clay to wash out any impurities.

Claying gently removes bonded contaminants from the surface so there is no damage. It also opens the pores of the clear coat surface, allowing the wax or paint sealant to soak deeper. Make sure the detailer provides thorough claying.

8. See If They Offer Waxing and Polishing

Most car detailing services include a combination of waxing and polishing. Waxing protects your vehicle from weather elements like snow or slush. It adds a clear coat that presides over the actual paint of your car.

The detailer will polish your car once the waxing gets finished. It essentially brings back the glossy shine or the wet look of the car. Polishing also helps mask small fragments and scratches. As you can see, waxing and polishing go hand in hand.

9. Research Their Steam Cleaning Options

Lastly, it’s a good idea to find a professional automotive cleaning company that also offers steam cleaning services. Steam cleaning is an excellent way to clean and disinfect an entire vehicle, without using harsh chemicals that can negatively affect drivers and their vehicles.

10. Look for Their Documentation Process

Source: carfax

Lastly, you should look for a detailing company that adds its services to your vehicle’s public records. This is to ensure vehicle owners can establish a strong paper trail of every way they care for their car, including intensive cleanings. Most importantly, we upload this information to CarFax, which does a lot to help retain (and potentially increase) the car’s value.

Car detailing doesn’t just make a vehicle look nice. Caring for your vehicle with detailed washes can also extend its lifespan, improve its resale value, and keep your car looking nice for years to come.

Bottom Line

Car detailing is a must for car owners. It makes your car look like new and increases its lifespan and resale value.

There are many car detailing service providers in the market, but you need to find one that offers the services you need. Most importantly, they need to customize their services to best fit your budget and needs.

That said, your search for professional car detailing services ends at ILLUSIONZ MOBILE AUTO SPA. Our experienced and skilled team offers a range of car detailing services with a thorough hand.

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