M   O   O   N   L   I   G   H   T  -  LIMITED 

  • Full wash & foam soap

  • IronX paint de-contamination

  • Medium Clay bar treatment

  • Rims, tires cleaned and dressed

  • Trim dressed

  • Wheel wells cleaned and protected

  • Medium polish​  65% swirl removal

  • Primer sealant applied to paint

  • Moonlight oiled based glass coating applied

  • Average time : 4 - 5 hours

  • Durability 10 - 12 months

 Price includes prep    Sedan : $350        Suv : $450        Xl: $650


Coupe' two seat : $250   Coupe' 4 seat: $275

The above prices are starting  base prices for vehicles with paint in good condition with very little to no defects or swirls.  Additional fees can be influenced by heavy swirls, oxidation, scratches and other such defects that will require additional time. Additional fees will apply to vehicles with contaminants such as bug, tar, tree sap, iron embedded particle and water spots.  All vehicle paint types vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Paint thickness is measured and assessed to determine how the paint will react to the product of choice by your technician.  Additional services such as paint chip repair or scratch repair will be determined at time of assessment.  Additional fees will apply to dark colored vehicles such as dark blue, and black.  Dark colored vehicles are more difficult due to more visibility of imperfections and heavier swirls.