1. General


The present general terms and conditions (the ‘General Terms and Conditions’) are applicable to all persons in the possession of an ILLUSIONZ membership Card (each individually respectively referred to as a ‘Cardholder’ and a ‘Loyalty Card’)

ILLUSIONZ reserves the right to unilaterally change the General Terms and Conditions at any time without having to inform the Cardholder of this individually and without any right to compensation for the Cardholder. All modifications in the General Terms and Conditions are published on illusionz mobile auto spa website  ( (the ‘Website’). The Cardholder undertakes to reread the General Terms and Conditions on the Website on a regular basis. Use of the membership Card by the Cardholder after a modification in the General Terms and Conditions on the Website shall imply acceptance of the changed General Terms and Conditions. If the Cardholder does not accept the changes, he is to inform ILLUSIONZ by registered letter of the termination of his membership.

2. Membership


The membership card is issued to natural persons by ILLUSIONZ by fee in the amount of $99 (fees subject to change). The membership card is strictly personal, non-transferable and equipped with a unique qr scan. The membership Card remains the property of ILLUSIONZ at all times and can be reclaimed from the Card Holder on first request.

3. Benefits and use of the membership Card

The membership card is not a payment method. Upon presentation of the membership card with any purchase at the register , ILLUSIONZ shall record the net amount (price of the goods or services purchased, reduced by any discounts, promotions, etc.) of the Cardholder’s purchases. The Cardholder can be asked to present his identity card along with the membership card to check the personal use of the membership card. Purchases made by a Cardholder without presentation of the membership card give no entitlement to Loyalty Points and will not be registered on the membership card later. 

ILLUSIONZ grants loyalty point to the Cardholder for every purchase unless otherwise indicated on the illusionz mobile auto spa website.  Each service varies in points  but are granted per purchase.  The benefits related to the membership card cannot be combined with benefits of other promotional activities.  Accumulated loyalty points can be exchanged for a discount of 1USD or redeemed for offered gifts.

4. Responsibilities of the Customer/Liability

Cardholders who attempt to obtain or have obtained benefits from the membership card by providing false information, or in another improper or fraudulent way, are liable for any resulting damage.  Any loss of theft, or damage to, the membership card must be reported to ILLUSIONZ at once, so that a new card can be issued to the cardholder ( Fee applies).

Membership card can not be duplicated or shared between family and friends or close relatives.  The membership card is strictly personal and issued forth to person which signed up for membership card.

5. Protection of privacy

ILLUSIONZ is committed to protecting the privacy of Cardholders. The personal data collected by ILLUSIONZ in the framework of the membership card are used exclusively in compliance with the Law of 8 December 1992 for the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data (hereinafter the ‘Privacy Law’). By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Cardholder gives ILLUSIONZ permission to use his personal data for personalised offers. The Cardholder also gives permission to communicate via all possible media, including e-mail and text messages.