Aroma Express interior detail

  • PRODIGI Digital Ozone Generator to sanitize and disinfect


  • Full vacuum and express interior

  • Vinyl, plastic and cupholders cleaned and protected

  • Leather seats cleaned and protected ( Fabric seats shampooed)

  • Express carpet shampoo

  • All surfaces treated with Adam's frost interior detail with Microban

  • Pure Aromas diffuser 20 minute session

  • Add steam cleaning for an additional $25

  • Package is for vehicles that are minimally soiled.  Booking this package knowing vehicle is medium to heavily soiled results in additional fees for additional time.


Appointment should be rescheduled if you have come into contact with someone that has contracted the Corona virus or if you are experiencing symptoms.  All clients must wear a mask or face covering when technician is present.  No mask/No service. Working on client vehicle's does pose risk to our technicians of contracting Covid giving reason to an increased price. There is a $20 Covid fee for each service.   Please note that human waste including animal waste such as vomit or fecal matter and other potentially infectious substances is considered Biohazard. During Covid-19 We are unable to accept a job involving any bodily fluid.  Any services scheduled knowing vehicle has been exposed to bodily fluid will be cancelled and not refunded.

Duration  2 - 3 hours depending on condition and size

Travel radius limit 10 miles from Montclair N.J.

Addition fees apply outside of travel radius

Coupe' two seat : $99

Coupe' 4 seat : $99

Compact sedan : $99

Sedan : $99  

Suv : $99   

Large suv : $99 Additional fee for 3rd row