• Citrus foam soak & Enigma hand wash 

  • Wheel cleaning

  • Windows & door jambs cleaned

  • 1 month Hydrophobic hand spray wax

  • Tires coated with water based dressing


  • Express full vacuum

  • Express cleaning of dashboard, cupholder, doors

  • Express seat cleaning

  • Express carpet shampoo

Durability : 1 month   

Duration : 1 - 3 hours depending on condition

Travel radius limit 15 miles from Montclair N.J

Gift certificate available

Coupe' 2 seat:  $99  

Coupe 4 seat: $110 

Compact sedan:  $120 

Sedan : $130   

Midsize Suv : $140     

LARGE SUV:  $165




It is important to understand this package is for well maintained vehicles or vehicles maintained on the regular by our services.! It is also important to understand that this is not a top of the line package and will not remove scratches, swirls, stains, spills, odors or heavy contaminants.  Please refer to our other aggressive packages for vehicles that need more attention. If vehicle is heavily soiled or has excessive amounts of dirt, spills, food debri , do not select this package! Additional fees WILL apply for medium to heavily soiled vehicles including blood, vomit, pet hair, mold, spills etc and will be upcharged to a more aggressive package. Additional fees will also apply for  contaminants such as bugs, tar, tree sap, tree grime. Additional fees will apply for appointments out of travel radius.