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I  L  L  U  S  I  O  N  Z   M  O  B  I  L  E   A  U  T O   S  P  A 
Deep Interior Car Cleaning  


Disaster Interior Detailing

  • Full vacuum and crevice blowout 

  • Full trunk cleaning

  • Complete garbage removal

  • Rotary carpet shampoo & conditioning

  • Shampoo sun visor and overhead liner

  • Leather seats cleaned with LVP cleaner and or

  • Fabric seats shampooed 

  • My Vapor steam cleaning. 

  • Hot water carpet extraction

  • Ozone treatment

  • Interior odor removal & De-odorizing

  • Stain removal (TBD)

  • Leather seats cream conditioning

  • Cleaning of vinyl, plastics, cupholder, instrument panels, and windows.

  • Vinyl and plastics conditioned and protected

  • Carpeting and fabrics protected with scotchguard

  • This is an intense deep cleaning package 

Duration  4 - 5 hours depending on condition and size

Travel radius limit 20 miles from Montclair N.J. If out of radius, additional travel fees may apply.

Coupe' 2/4 seat : $275

Compact sedan : $300

Sedan : $325

Suv : $350    

3 Row Suv/ Mini van/ Pickup : $350

XL Extended Suv: $375

This package is for heavily soiled vehicles from neglect.  Additional fees will apply in the presence of mold. We will not accept any vehicles that have been exposed to bodily fluid, vomit, blood, urine including any animal bodily fluid.  If technician suspects exposure to bodily fluid, appointment will be cancelled without a refund. Please note that vehicles that have been exposed to flooding will first need to have vehicle's insulation replaced by an auto upholster and then schedule an appointment for an interior car detailing.

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