Windshield coating ($99)  

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Polishing of windshield

  • Application of Pinnacle Black label diamond glass coating

  • Last over 6 months with extreme hydrophobic properties that repel water at speeds of 30 mph or higher.

  • Makes cleaning windshield easy and keeps it cleaner for a longer period of time.

Water spot removal (Starting at $75)

  • Resulting from acid rain or parking near water sprinkler system.

  • Depending on severity, glass or paint may need to be polished or application of water spot and mineral deposit remover.

Paint transfer removal ( Starting at $80)

  • Resulting from backing out of garage or another vehicle feather swiping your vehicle leaving paint transfer on your vehicle.

  • Rinseless wash of affected panel(s)

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Compound polish of affected panel(s)

  • Wax protection & sealant applied

Tree sap removal (Starting at $50)

  • Resulting from tree sap or pine sap.  If not removed in time, can cause serious damage to paint.

  • Removal of tree sap from affected panels

  • Spray sealant applied 

Tar removal (Starting at $50)

  • Resulting from uncured tar on road

  • Removal of tar & rinseless wash to affected panel

  • Spray sealant applied

Over spray removal (Starting at $99)

  • Resulting from paint aerosols traveling in air from body shop, construction sites or house painters.  Traveling paint adheres to surface of vehicle, glass, and trim.

  • Depending on severity a mild, or heavy clay bar treatment may be needed to remove overspray.

  • Affected panel will need to be polished

  • Spray sealant applied.

Scratch, swirl & defect removal (TBD)

Pricing depends on several factors such as severity of swirls and defects.  How deep the scratch is.  %100 scratch removal is not guaranteed if scratch is deep.

Headlight Restoration ( Starting at $99)

Removes haze and oxidation restoring clarity increasing light output on the road.