Mr. Freeze   Exterior detail

Mr. Freeze is a basic exterior detail with extreme protection

that will get your vehicle through the upcoming harsh winter months.


  • Full exterior hand wash 

  • Tri-foam polish foam soak

  • Wheels cleaned and protected with Rinse and wash sealant.

  • Medium grade clay bar treatment

  • Trim and tire dressed

  • Windows & door jambs cleaned

  • Ethos Ceramic wax pro (Durability 1+ years or more ). 

  • (Please note. The goal of this package is to increase the appearance of the vehicle all while greatly making an impact on protection. 

  • Add windshield coating for an additional $50 

Durability : 1+year 

Duration :  3+ hours depending on size and condtion

Travel radius limit 15 miles from Montclair N.J. can not be performed on street, dead end roads or properties you do not have permission.


The following prices are prices for vehicles in good condition.   Additional fees will apply to vehicles with mud, tree sap,  artillery fungus, bug splatter, road tar and other elements that may cause damage to vehicle.  Swirls and scratches will be assessed.   

Working on client vehicle's does pose risk to our technicians of contracting Covid giving reason to an increased price. Starting 12/01/20 there will be an additional $20 COVID fee.

Coupe' 2 seat : $125 

Coupe' 4 seat : $155

Compact sedan : $175

Sedan : $200

Suv : $225

Large Suv  : $250