FREE CAR WASH SUNDAYS) Subject to limited availability by appointment only

Our Pumpkin Spice Wash is a seasonal wash that is sure to enlighten the senses with a burst of aromatic pumpkin spice infused into our quick detailer which enhances gloss and enhances the existing protection on the vehicle.

  • P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo Foam wash 

  • Wheels cleaned and dressed

  • 2 Month P&S beadmaker

  • Windows cleaned

  • Quick interior vacuum and quick wipe of all surfaces

  • Pumpkin spice interior detailer

Duration :  1 HR 30 M Depending on size   

Durability : 2 Months

Travel radius limit 5 miles of Montclair N.J.

Subject to availability (201)355-9120

Coupe' 2 seat: $25

Coupe' 4 seat: $35

Compact sedan: $45

Sedan: $55

Suv: $65

Mini van / Large Suv / Pick up: $75    

It is important to understand that this is not a full detail package and is limited only to the basics of a car wash.  This means that this package will not cover stains, spills, food in cup holders and other scenarios that may require additional work.  For a more aggressive package, please refer to our "full detail page"


 Appointment should be rescheduled if you have come into contact with someone that has contracted the Corona virus or if you are experiencing symptoms.  All clients must wear a mask or face covering when technician is present.  No mask/No service . No vaccination/No service.