B O M B  Interior (Available March 2022)

  • 30 minute Air ozonation treatment

  • Full vacuum, rotary carpet shampoo & conditioning

  •  Hot water carpet extraction

  • (My Vapor clean) steam clean 320 degrees

  • Fabric or leather seating cleaned

  • Dashboard cleaned, protected, coated

  • All surfaces disinfected with Eco clean Pure

  • Cleaning of vinyl, plastics, cupholder, instrument panels, and windows.

  • Shampoo sun visor and overhead liner

  • Leather, vinyl, plastic conditioned and protected with P&S leather treatment

  • All surfaces sterilized with UVC sterilization

  • P&S peroxide treatment

Duration  4 - 5 hours depending on condition

Travel radius limit 15 miles from Montclair N.J.

Additional fees apply outside of travel radius

(Due to an increase in fuel cost, supplies, and change in season. Prices are higher.)

Coupe' two seat : $275   

Coupe' 4 seat : $300  

Compact sedan: $325   

Sedan : $350   

Suv : $375   

Large Suv: $400

Clients must wear a mask if not vaccinated!

This package is for HEAVILY soiled vehicles containing heavy dirt, food crumbs and odors caused by bacteria, smoke, food, mildew, pets, spills. Depending on severity,  smoke odor full removal is not a guarantee. Depending on severity of mold.  We may accept appointment but is not a guarantee.  Referral may be given to mold removal specialist.  Please note that human waste including animal waste such as vomit or fecal matter and other potentially infectious substances is considered Biohazard. During Covid-19 We are unable to accept a job involving any bodily fluid.  Any services scheduled knowing vehicle has been exposed to bodily fluid will be cancelled and not refunded.